Thursday, September 3, 2009


Sometimes we go through heartaches in life that force us to sit down and see who we really are and who really matters. Without warning we are given blows that make us stand up and face our reflection fearing that we may see the truth as a bad thing. What image do others see in us? And the others that see, who are they? What people see in us sometimes is reflected by what they can't see inside of themselves. Wrongs can be done in doing right depending on who you ask. I've faced my reflection today. It smiled back at me. Not because I am anybody. Not because I am anything to boast of, but because the people who surround me saw me. Without asking for any, I have been given comfort. I know that what I did was in kindness. I am sorry that others cannot see me for who I am. It pains me to feel that I am seen so coldly. But I rest by a husband who tells me I was not wrong, I read assuring words of those who know me well, and I live around family that knows both my reflection and my offender's. And I am at peace. Today I faced my reflection, and it granted me a smile.