Sunday, December 18, 2011

Short lil Update

-I'm 10 weeks pregnant today.
-Avery has an ear infection in his left ear, but we're doing antibiotics.
-Will only works a few days this week and we have him home for Christmas break!
-I can't wait to see Avery open his Christmas presents!
-Baby is still making me sick. :-/
-I'm looking forward to a week FULL of Christmas get-togethers!
-I start a one month course in Statistics tomorrow... I'm a lil nervous.
-Everything worked out great at work and I don't have to keep our baby hush, hush anymore!!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Baby Two

We're very excited to announce that Avery is going to be a big brother! As of our last doctor's appointment the ultrasound is showing that baby two is due July 15th (our date was changed after the first appointment). I am so excited to have a summer baby. I'm looking forward to the time off with my hubby and toddler by the pool, helping daddy with his latest project, playing on the swing set and riding bikes. Then once baby gets here we'll have some time as a family to enjoy our new addition before daddy has to go back to work.

So far, mommy has been pretty sick with this baby, but I feel like it may be beginning to subside a little. The doctor wasn't very happy about my weight loss and said that if it doesn't change they will put me on meds for the sickness. I'm very thankful to be feeling less tired than I remember being with Avery and therefore have been getting a lot more done :) Cooking isn't something that is on that list often though! Why is it that you smell all of the WORST ingredients in a dish? Laundry, decorating for Christmas, and wrapping all of the presents that are in is among the complete list. I also saved myself some stress and energy this year by shopping online! Wow! What a way to go... It still took me the better part of two days to find everything, but I did it all sitting down :)

Avery has big plans for his little sister or brother and he's learning more everyday about this baby business. If you ask him where our baby is he will tell you his belly some days and others he is certain that there is NO baby in his belly only in mommy's. When you ask him where our baby can sleep he will tell you that his baby is going to sleep in his bed WITH HIM! Haha. Since Avery is learning to potty he talks a lot about baby pooping in the potty and NOT a diaper :) He is going to be the best big brother. He already looks forward to holding his baby and helping mommy & daddy take care of it.

Here is our sweet baby at 9 weeks and 2 days:

The little circle beside of baby's head is the yoke sack and is perfectly normal. We told Avery that it looks like a little balloon with a string. Avery likes that. :)