Tuesday, June 14, 2011

9, 10, 11

ELEVEN, is how many teeth Avery has! Four in the front on top and bottom... These were the only ones that we even thought about. I've been waiting for the eighth tooth to come on through and thinking his fussy, feverish fits we're all because of that little bottom lefty. Until, last night, while we were all playing daddy says... Is that a tooth in the back? Now, silly me, I thought that back teeth wouldn't come in for a long while... But boy I was WRONG! When I checked inside of Avery's mouth not only did I find a tooth in the back, but THREE! He has three BIG molars: two on the top and one on his bottom right. I felt like a terrible mommy for not knowing this... But then I was extremely proud and got out the baby book to fill in this exciting news! I'm sure there is no way he'll let me take pictures of those back ones, but I had to share the fun story!